Infinite Thanks

Infinite Thanks is our way of using fashion to power good deeds. We realised the values that inspired us in rethinking clothing—connecting with those around us, exploring creative solutions and challenging established conventions from the inside—were reflective of a much larger point-of-view and way of engaging with the world. With Infinite Thanks, we’re extending our approach to design to solving larger issues in the communities closest to us.

People solve problems; and we believe in investing in good ideas. So rather than give a portion of your money to a charity, we want to give a portion of our money to you. Infinite Thanks isn’t a charity, it’s a collective hub for anyone with a plan to innovate, improve, invent or inform within their local community.

We’re starting small by funding grass-roots projects in our home city of London and soon will begin organising get-togethers in other cities around the globe. Check in on Instagram to see what we’re up to and how you can participate.